Canyon's RT-5000 Series radio systems include P25, AM/FM and Guard functionality.

  • 350 channel pre-sets
  • Control up to three transceivers
  • 99 pre-set scan groups
  • NVG-ready option
  • Certification: FAA PMA/STC
  • Lightweight and compact

Canyon’s C-5000 Control Display is responsible for control and independent monitoring of up to three Canyon transceivers.  Canyon’s  C-5000 Control Display, when connected to multiple transceivers, turns an aircraft into a command & control platform capable of performing relays, simulcasts, repeater, and full-duplex

Canyon AeroConnect Tactical Communications Radio P-25 Model

  • 10 watts FM / 15 watts AM (nominal) transmit
  • 1.25 kHz tuning
  • 12.5/25/35/70 kHz bandwidths
  • DF interface
  • CTCSS/DCS tone squelch
  • Remote-mount for reduced cockpit heat & EMI
  • Certification: FAA PMA/STC
  • Same features as base model

Canyon’s RT-5000 Transceiver P-25 Model performs APCO Project 25 in addition to Motorola trunking.  Up to two modules covering the VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz trunking bands can be incorporated into the transceiver, giving the user unprecedented communications interoperability.

Canyon RT-5000 Base Model

  • 10 watts FM / 15 watts AM (nominal) transmit power
  • 1.25 kHz tuning
  • 12.5/25/35/70 kHz bandwiths
  • DF interface
  • Relay, simulcast, repeater capabilities
  • Remote-mount for reduced cockpit heat & EMI
  • 29.7-400 MHz AM and 29.7-960 MHz FM
  • Dual Synthesized Guard Receiver option

Canyon’s RT-5000 Transceiver with Synthesized Guard is an AM/FM multi-band transceiver that can take the place of six transceivers, covering 30-50, 50-88, 118-136, 136-174, 220-400, 400-512, and 800-960 MHz frequency bands.

Flexcomm™ CD-5000 Control Display

  • Compact: 3.13″ x 2.5″ x 2.8″
  • Lightweight: .77 oz.
  • Color display with NVG option
  • 350 pre-set channels
  • Direct frequency entry

Canyon’s CD-5000 Control Display connects to the synthesized guard version of the RT-5000 and provides “pilot-ready” control of the most powerful civil support transceiver in the world.   The CD-5000 Control Display, compact and powerful, has the capability of controlling the RT-5000 Main and Guard receivers either via frequency input mode or via the preset channels.

Downloads, Documents & Videos

RT-5000 VHF/UHF Datasheet

FLEXCOMM Datasheet