Canyon's Digital Audio Control System (DACS) is a communications management system with the ability to control and distribute all audio in an aircraft, to/from all transceivers, receivers, and aural alert sources.

The Aircraft Digital Audio Control System consists of Audio Control Panels (ACP51 or ACP53), Audio Management Unit (AMU50) and Remote Memory (RM01).  The ACP51 and ACP53 are Dzus-mounted units that allow the operator to adjust volume, select a transceiver, and select the patient mode.  It’s a ‘terminal’ that monitors user switch selections and level adjustments, passing them along to the Audio Management Unit.

The AMU50 is able to support eight receivers, eight transceivers, two CVRs, six direct inputs, six ACPs and seven headsets.  It integrates a warning generator providing eight tone/voice alarms with multiple levels of priority. The RM01 remotely stores the system’s configuration and the aural warning file allowing replacement of the AMU50 without having to reconfigure the replacement unit. It has been especially designed for helicopters and light aircraft.  Canyon’s Digital Audio Control System is standard fit in more civil production helicopters than any other system in the world.  The EC175, EC135, EC635, EC725, EC225, EC155, AW109, AW119, AW149, AW169, and AW189 all rely on DACS.


Key Features

  • Digital audio processing
  • Flexible architecture
  • Removable labels on ACP for easy configuration
  • Integrated warning generator
  • Optional NVG compatibility
  • Designed for tactical operations

Downloads & Documents

DACS Frequently Asked Questions

DACS Product Brochure