Canyon AeroConnect CVC-152 FliteLine™ COM/NAV Control Display

Canyon’s Unique color LCD display capable of 8.33 or 25 kHz selection, active & standby frequencies along with NVG option. Displays command auto-tune frequencies.

Canyon AeroConnect CVN-252 FliteLine™ COM/NAV Control Display

Canyon’s unique color LCD display, active and standby frequencies displayed along with Radial & bearing information selectable. NVG option available.

Canyon AeroConnect CTR-352 ATC Transponder

Canyon’s CTR-352 ATC Transponder Display controls dual, remote transponders. Both controller and flight segment identifiers are indexed via display

Canyon AeroConnect CCN-955 FliteLine™ COM/NAV Control Display

Canyon’s color LCD utilizes unique technology, combining Nav & Com tuning functions. This results in a 50% panel space savings along with the realized weight reduction. NVG option available

Canyon AeroConnect CDF-552 FliteLine™ ADF Control Display

Canyon’s ADF Control Display controls dual remote ADF receivers. The display menu includes ADF station, antenna, bearing, and BFO information.

Technical Specifications:

Power Requirements (Lighting):  5.0 Vac, 5.0 Vdc & 28 Vdc
Power Consumption:                      280 mA max.
Bezel Colours:                                  Black & gray
Weight:                                               0.77 lbs. (0.35 kg)
Width:                                                 2.50 in. (63.5 mm)
Height:                                               3.15 in. (80.01 mm)
Length:                                              4.29 in. (108.97 mm) including connector
Altitude:                                             55,000 feet (16,764 m)
Temperature:                                   -4°F to +158°F (-20°C to + 55°C)

Downloads, Documents & Videos

Canyon AeroConnect FliteLine Brochure