More than 20 successful years have passed since Chelton joined the Cobham brand and now it is set to go full circle and return to its brand roots as Chelton.

Marlow, UK –  Today marks a new chapter for Cobham Aerospace Connectivity as it officially announces and unveils its new brand identity ‘Chelton’.  First established in 1947, Chelton defined the avionics industry with a number of world firsts; from novel static discharger designs, radio silent tuneable antennas through to the first airborne LTE mission critical public safety radio. Having achieved many more world firsts as part of the Cobham family, it is now set to go full circle and return to its brand roots as Chelton. Continuing its founders’ principles to overcome immensely complex communication challenges and deliver failsafe, pioneering technology to some of the world’s most formidable militaries and public safety agencies.  The new Chelton logo demonstrates the continuation of the journey with a familiarity from the past whilst acknowledging the significant advances and changes the company has undertaken. The organic movement of the waves is a powerful reminder of the constant flow and advances in our technology and service, whilst retaining a strong link with our RF heritage. Chelton will continue to focus on its forte in antennas, avionics and land equipment, continuing its commitment to delivering technological excellence and smart thinking to customers.  “Chelton is a powerful presence in the aerospace and defence sector, and while our tenure as Cobham Aerospace Connectivity was fruitful, going back to our heritage with a modern twist will help further secure our established foothold in the industry. Chelton has been a trusted and reliable avionics designer and manufacturer for over 70 years and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers with the same drive and smart thinking as its original founders.” adds Jason Abbott, President of Chelton.  Change is the only constant in life and Chelton has robust processes and a determination to succeed in our mission to redefine avionics and communications for the aerospace and defence industry.

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