Canyon’s AMS43 Multi-User, Single-Channel Audio Controller provides diverse control of aircraft audio: TX, RX audio; LIVE, KEYED, VOX intercom; pilot ISO/EMR operation

Canyon’s AMS43 Multi-User, Single Channel Audio Controller is highly adaptable for VFR, IFR, OAS, forestry, corporate, and fleet aircraft.  Features include COM ½, AUX, FM ½, PA xcvrs., NAV ½, ADF ½, DME/MKR rcvrs., switched TAPE inputs, RX and ICS level Controls, 3-level internal audio alerting, front panel VOX squelch adjustment, 2 direct inputs: one to H/S, one to amplifier, 500 mW high-power output, 3 ICS modes: LIVE/KEYED/VOX, and ICS tie line.


Key Features

  • Weight: 2.0 lb. / .91 kg
  • Dimensions: 5"W x 1.88"H x 7.25"L max. (127mm x 47.75mm x 184.15mm)
  • Power: 0.25 A / 28 Vdc
  • Available in TSO'd and non-TSO'd versions. Non-TSO'd versions are intended for installation under FAA STC and/or experimental (FAR 21.191, Public Use, Military, etc.) applications.

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