Canyon's DFS 43A Direction Finder System

  • Left/right steering guidance to/from NDB
  • Autopilot interface
  • Half or whole kHz channel spacing
  • Specially designed loop/sense antenna
  • Optional FliteLine stand-alone control head (CDF-552)
  • Continuous self-test
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • ARINC 429 Digital Data Bus
  • Improved station overfly sensitivity

Canyon’s FliteLine™ DFS 43A Automatic Direction Finder is an all-digital system designed to provide ADF navigation reception from non-directional beacons (NDB), locator outer markers (LOM), and commercial AM broadcast stations. Through microprocessor-controlled signal processing and a self-calibration routine, the DFS 43A system ensures the accuracy of displayed ADF information. The AT-434A combined sense/loop antenna is designed specifically for use with the DF-431B receiver. Streamlined in shape to reduce drag, the antenna provides superior signal reception throughout all modes of DFS 43A system operation. The DF-431B receiver unit can be tuned via ARINC 429 digital data bus by the CDF-552 ADF Control, FMS, the Universal Avionics RCU, or the Series III RMS 555 Radio Management System.

Canyon AeroConnect ADF Control Display

Canyon’s ADF Control Display controls dual remote ADF receivers. The display menu includes ADF station, antenna, bearing, and BFO information

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