Canyon's CDM-451 Distance Measuring System

  • 50% volume and weight savings compared to Series III DM-441B
  • 325 Watt transmitter
  • Drop in replacement for Series III radios (adaptor bracket required)
  • Increased built-in diagnostics
  • Burst mode timing options
  • New FliteLine CVN-252 color Control Display
  • Simultaneous scanning of three ground stations
  • Continuous self-test
  • FMS auto-tune capable

Canyon’s FliteLine™ CDM-451 is an all digital three channel DME that provides ARINC 429 outputs along with analog outputs for two displays or EFIS MFD’s. The third output channel can also provide single DME output to the FMS for independent navigation solution. DME ground speed, distance, and time to station can also be displayed on the SD-442B DME selector control display. The receiver can be tuned by CVN-252 Nav Control Displays via the CVN-251 Nav receiver, FMS, the Universal Avionics RCU’s, or the Series III RMS 555 Radio Management System.

Downloads, Documents & Videos

Canyon AeroConnect FliteLine Brochure