Canyon’s Model 3110 Single-User Audio Control Panel has been designed for the modern corporate cockpit and supports a large complement of radios, and allows cockpit/cabin communication.

Canyon’s Single-User Audio Control Panel Model 3110 incorporates analogue interfaces for all radio and audio connections and may be used for new and retrofit installations.  It will connect with most existing commercial aviation radio systems.  The 3110 will address communications needs between cockpit and cabin and has been designed with 5 direct (un-switched) warning audio inputs.

By incorporating analog interfaces for all radio and audio connections, the 3110 will connect with all existing commercial radio systems.  Each panel is self-contained with solid state modular plug-in construction, sealed switching devices for low noise and gold switch/relay contacts for long life and dependable operation.


Key Features

  • Support for six transceivers plus PA and seven nav receivers
  • Power: 28 Vdc @ 0.8 A typical
  • Operating temperature: -55 C to +70 C
  • Altitude: 55,000 feet
  • Weight: 3.5 lbs / 1.59 kg
  • Compliance: DO-160E

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