The PTA12 Airborne Telephone Adapter is a compact, DZUS-mounted telephone interface with full-function touchtone keypad and 16-digit LED display.

Canyon’s Tactical FM Communication system radios and dialers feature easy installation and operation, with the flexibility to accommodate the communication needs of specialized mission aircraft.  Developed in close consultation with Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, and Forestry Service agencies, the product addresses common problems associated with complex, multi-radio installations for full-mission aircraft, such as limited panel space, simultaneous operation, inexperienced users, and future upgradeability.

Canyon’s PTA12 Airborne Telephone Adapter allows the flight crew to access the telephone system through the aircraft’s audio panel while maintaining full headset operation.  Installation-flexible, the PTA12 features multiple field-adjustable settings.


Key Features

  • 16-number storage
  • Parallel handset operation
  • Field-adaptable settings: mic, sidetone, DTMF, ringer output levels
  • Backlighting adjustable
  • Interfaces with Globalstar, Iridium and Inmarsat
  • Interfaces with airborne cellular systems

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